What We Do

The Paperwork

We fill out all of the paperwork and applications for the bureaus

Help You Pass Inspection

We provide you with a step-by-step checklist of what is necessary to pass the inspection

Reporting & Disputes

We setup your Metro 2 reporting, and use E-OSCAR to address disputes

Perform Collections

Our collections team ensures that loan payments are made and debts are settled

We Help Hard Money Lenders

Encourage On-Time Payments

Build your good customers’ credit history, and discourage late payments by reporting

Reporting credit for your customers is one of the most valuable services that you can offer. Good payments and bad payments will show up on your customers’ credit reports, giving your investors peace of mind and your good customers the power to build good credit history.

Better Your Business By Reporting Credit

Limited Time Offer

For Auto Dealers

For a limited time, we are offering this service at no cost to you.

We understand the need for fast collections on the deals you provide to your customers. The faster you get paid, the faster you're able to rotate capital and turn it into new deals. For the first 100 auto dealerships that opt to receive our service. we are providing our services at no cost.

You benefit by reporting both good and bad payments, your customers benefit by building credit, and we are able to service a new customer base.

Take Advantage of This Short Term Offer

Frequently Asked


What is data reporting, and how much does it cost?

Data reporting is simply sending consumer payment information to a CRA( Credit Reporting Agencies) to help improve your collection efforts and benefit those consumers who continue to pay you on time. The CRA’s do not charge you to report.

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About Us

We've helped more than 1500 companies and consumers report credit over the course of more than 15 years. The experience and relationships that we've built give us access to tools and methods that allow us to benefit consumer credit and grow businesses of all sizes.

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